Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting

This information is presented in compliance with MCL 388.1618(2)

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Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Section 3b - Health Care Plans

2014-15 Teachers Administration Paraprofessionals Transportation 

 MESSA Choices II



MESSA Choices II  N/A 
 Life MESSA Life Ins SetSeg Life MESSA Life Ins N/A
 Dental Delta Dental Self FundedDelta Dental N/A
 Vision VSP Vision Self Funded VSP Vision N/A

Section 4 - Salary and Benefits of Superintendent and also Employees whose Salary Exceeds $100,000

Section 5 - Annual Amount Spent on Dues Paid To Organizations

Michigan School Band and Orchestra Assoc. - $750.00
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards - $2,725.00
Newaygo County Educational Service Agency - $675.00
Michigan Institute of Education Management - $260.00
Michigan Assoc. of Secondary School Principals - $340.00
Michigan Assoc. of Pupil Transportation - $269.00
Hospital Purchasing Services - $2,013.48
School Nutrition Assoc. - $56.25
Mid Mich. Officials Assoc. - $100.00
MIAAA (AD Assoc) - $65.00

Section 6 - Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying or Lobbying Services

There were no district paid lobbying costs for 2013-14

Long Term Debt

District Credit Card Information

Current Credit Card Information:

Barry Seabrook/White Cloud Public Schools - Credit Limit $1,500.00

White Cloud Card #4/White Cloud Public Schools - Credit Limit $1,500.00

White Cloud Card #6/White Cloud Public Schools - Credit Limit $2,000.00

District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

There was no out-of-state travel to report in 2013-14.